Issues with the SPO600 Project. Leading up to Stage 2

Trouble in the Trenches regarding Stage 1

This has been much more troublesome and time consuming than I anticipated and is really taking away from the intended experience of the final project of actually analyzing and optimizing the software. I really cannot get grof, along with the the gmon.out file to operate properly.

I decided to delete and clone the repository again as I was for some reason encountering issues in their compare when running make. Even after that, and utilizing both executable they provide I still am unable to generate or find the gmon file to run. Im going to attempt to resolve this issue by adjusting the CFLAGS again and compiling, but I am not optimistic. At this point I may decide to choose a different open source software considering the troubles I am running into regarding this.

Seeing as we are moving onto part two, I really need to figure this out and move on as I already have a ton of ideas on what to do to optimize this code. Hopefully the next update will be with the benchmarking working.

Project Plan

After being able to somewhat get gprof working I was able to see that the function decompress is called 25 times. While im still having issues with benchmarking the particular time it takes for each function to run, I think it is safe to say that optimizing a function that is called 25 times whilst running a program is a good course of action. The servers are currently down, so hopefully I can take a closer look at it when they are back up.

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